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There is an exercise routine for every desired body-type. Whether you’re trying to build muscle, burn fat, or even enjoy a better night’s sleep, you can bet there’s a routine for you. But how can you tell fact from fiction? Follow these simple examples, and you’ll find the ideal workout for your ideal you.

workout and healthTrying to shed some pounds? There are very basic steps you can take to manage your intake of sugars and fight off the weight. The first and most important step is to eat a balanced breakfast. We’ve been told for years, and it remains as true now as it did then. By eating a healthy breakfast, you set your body’s metabolic rate for the day. Research has categorically proven that a healthy breakfast can fight the likelihood of obesity, and help to suppress your appetite later in the day. Exercising before breakfast, either with a light walk or push-ups, can set the body for all-day fuel consumption. Combining diet and exercise is the best way to shed those unwanted pounds.

Muscles strength and training have very unique stipulations, and almost directly oppose the path to lose weight. A phenomenon known as Temporal Specificity is a key factor in muscle development, and it’s only recently been identified. Muscles are capable of different strength levels at varying times in the day. Researchers have shown that those training in the morning aren’t able to put out the same levels of strength as those training in the evening. Our muscles are designed to gradually increase their potential output, until reaching their maximum potential by mid-evening. If you’re looking to build muscle-mass, then set your workout times in the afternoon for the best results.

Sometimes, all you can hope for is a comfortable night’s sleep. If fighting off stress and making it through your work day are your top priorities, a simple workout can alleviate stress, and even lower your blood pressure. A study conducted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that an early morning workout of only 30 minutes on the treadmill can reduce stress levels, and drop blood pressure by nearly 25 percent. Morning workouts also helped those suffering with sleep issues, allowing for deeper and longer sleep. Spending 75% more time in the deep sleep cycle, these early risers benefited from low stress and a healthy metabolism.

These simple exercises can do much for you with little effort. If you’re looking to slim down, shape up or sleep tight, following one of these methods will surely get you there.